Scanpan Ceramic Cookware

Scanpan Ceramic Cookware Review

This review of Scanpan Ceramic Cookware will give  you all the answers to help you make an educated decision about whether you should purchase this brand of non-stick cookware, due to the fact it is on the more expensive side.

Although this cookware is not as well known as many other brands, it is an excellent set of cookware.

Scanpan cookware is made in Ryomgaard, Denmark and has been manufactured there for the last 60 years. They just celebrated their 60th Anniversary so they must be doing something right.scanpan ctx cookware

Scanpan ceramic cookware is not for everyone as it is not inexpensive.

It’s at the high end of the price point and is it worth it? Only you can decide that. I know, for myself, I enjoy quality cookware.

The ability to prepare excellent meals and desserts is very rewarding to some one who enjoys cooking and baking.

So, if you enjoy cooking and are looking to upgrade your pans, you might want to consider this cookware. All scanpan cookware is made in Denmark with the highest degree of quality and workmanship. And their pans will last forever.

Plus, their products are exported to 50 countries worldwide.

Why Scanpan Cookware?

First the health factor. Scanpan introduced PFOA-free coating in 2008, 7 years earlier than mandatory. They have a patent on their coating that other companies don’t have.

The company also has environmental awareness. They are now utilizing 100% recycled aluminum in their cookware. Recycled and non-recycled aluminum have the same properties for conducting heat. The base of the pan is made of solid gauge aluminum (recycled). It is shaped with 200 tons of pressure, making it sit flat on the stove and prevents warping.

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

So, if you are concerned about the environment you might want to consider buying Scanpan cookware.

Around 2006, it was discovered that small amounts of a chemical known as PFOA was found in Teflon cookware. It has been known to be linked to cancer and high cholesterol, plus low birth weights.

Needless to say, this is not good for us to be ingesting with our food.

FDA took steps to eliminate PFOA from pots and pans by the year 2015.

Here are some of the steps to take if you have some older cookware and not sure about it containing PFOA.

  • Dispose of any cookware with nonstick finish if it is scratched or chipped.
  • Never use metal utensils on cookware.
  • Always use medium temperatures when cooking, don’t exceed 450 degrees.
  • Be cautious when storing non-stick pots and pans. Do not store on top of each other as it could cause scratches or chips.

Always when purchasing new cookware, check to be sure it is PFOA free.

Ceramic is now being used by many companies that manufacture pots and pans and it’s considered one of the safest materials to use. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. Also, it’s recommended to use without butter or oil. Helps keep the waistline trim.


Skillet Set

You can purchase the Evolution Skillet Set for $79.96, which consists of 2 fry pans. One is 8″ and the other is 9.5″.

The skillet set is great for searing steaks, hamburgers or sautéing vegetables. Being non-stick,  very little oil or butter is needed. The ceramic-titanium coating is safe for metal utensils and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Each skillet can be purchased separately if you prefer.

Scanpan CTX Deluxe 10 piece set

Scanpan Ceramic Cookware is durable cookware that is constructed with green-tec PFDA, like all other Scanpan cookware.

It cooks evenly without hot spots and is oven safe to 500 degrees.

The glass lids allow you to check the food while it is cooking, plus they are heat resistant.

Handles are very sturdy and constructed and riveted to insure they don’t ever loosen.

Oven safe to 500 degrees with a lifetime warranty.

The selling point for this cookware is definitely the non-stick finish.

This coating is the trademark “greentec” that belongs to the Scanpan Company. Made with ceramic and titanium  and is 100% free of PFOA.

Another good point is this cookware is 100% dishwasher safe.

These pots and pans can be used on any stovetop including gas, electric, ceramic and also induction.

This cookware is very impressive and checks off a lot of boxes in my book and a is complete winner.

Certainly a good start on enough pieces of cookware to cook a beautiful and delicious meal.

But if you prefer you can also purchase individual pieces.

Scanpan CTX 123/4 inch covered chef’s pan. Price $299.95

Scanpan Professional Griddle 11×11 Price $99.95




Scanpan CTX covered Saute`Pan $299.95

How to Care for Your CTX Scanpan Cookware

The easiest way to clean your CTX pans is to pour enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Add about 1 tablespoon of baking soda, bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Cool and clean as usual. Dry well, so no  water stains stay.

Please note: Do not immerse a CTX hot pan in cold water as it could damage the finish on the pan.

So, if you are looking for a top of the line cookware set, look no further. This set will not disappoint, and you can be sure it will last for a very long time and stand up to plenty of use.

I hope this article was helpful and if I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, Deanna

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