Highest Rated Nonstick Cookware Set – Get The Best

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  • If you are looking for the best of the best in cookware, you will get all the information here on the highest rated nonstick cookware set available. I am going to walk you through all the pluses and minuses of this brand of cookware and which model might be best for your needs.
  • One reason Scanpan cookware is rated so high is due to it being healthy to cook with. Everyone wants that!
  • This cookware is completely free of PFOA and PFOS.

Top preforming cookware for you

Scanpan cookware is top performing, best in it’s class. It’s possibly one of the top rated cookware sets. Because of that it is also one of the priceist set around. It is made in Denmark and has ben around for 60 years and prides itself on using only recycled materials in it’s manufacturing of their pot and pans and also uses recycled material in it’s packaging. This company is concerned about the environment.

How Scanpan is Made

Scanpan cookware is made from a titanium surface applied to high quality aluminum and heated to 30,000 degrees. This process bonds the two metals together forming a non stick finish that will not wear off or chip away.

It’s probably one of the most durable finishes on any non stick cookware. Completely dishwasher safe and you can use any type of utensil with this cookware.

Buying this cookware can make it a major desision for you as most good cookware is not inexpensive. But as the saying  goes “you get what you pay for”.

If you are an amatuer chef or really don’t care about being in the kitchen, than your needs will be a lot less than someone that likes to cook and try different dishes and recipes.

Also the number of people you will be cooking for will dicitate what type of pans and the amount of cookware you will need to purchase.

How to choose your new cookware

The things to look for when choosing your new cookware are:

  • How many will you be cooking for. That will determine the size of the pans you purchase. Always go a little larger, making it easier to cook in.
  • Are you concerned if everything matches in your kitchen. Well Scanpan does not come in colors, just black and brushed stainless steel, which is very attractive.
  • Scanpan is made with aluminum and stainless steel for added strength.
  • Scanpan makes it’s own non-stick coating which is far superior to any other’s manufacturer’s coating.
  • It will not scratch, chip or crack, guaranteed.
  • Be aware that cookware is counted in all the pieces. A lid counts for a piece of the set, so if you order a 9 piece set, probably 4 of those pieces are lids.
  • You can use any utensil when cooking with this cookware. The patented finish can stand up to any utensil’s material.

Is this cookware induction friendly?

The latest rage or addition in the latest or greatest cooking is the induction range. Are they good and worth the price. Most people that have one will say yes. Plus very safe, quick and very efficient. I have not researched the induction ovens and ranges, so I can’t give you an informed answer.

So is the Scanpan non-stick cookware compatible?

All cookware that has induction ready bottoms are perfectly acceptable for use on a induction cooktop or range.

Yes, your cookware will work better with a flat surface as opposed to a warped bottom, but that’s true of any stove or range.

A pot or cookware must contain magnetic qualities for it to cook well on induction range.

Unfortunately, not all Scanpans are compatible to induction cooking.

But the IQ range, Impact, CTX range, Fusion are worthy, for are all induction stovetop or range friendly.

Caring for Scanpan non-stick cookware

Keeping your Scanpan nonstick cookware clean is essential. In fact it’s a no-brainer.

As with any cookware, it’s necessary that any pot or pan be kept clean to ensure optima cooking results and good hygiene. If  some food get stuck on your non-stick cookware, remove it by adding water to the pan with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Bring to a boil for a couple of minutes. Let cool and clean as usual.

I like to clean my non-stick with Barkeepers Friend, a mild abrasive which is designed for pots and pans.

Why Scanpan?  

Granted Scanpan cookware is not as well known as some other brands, but the highest quality is there.

Because Scanpan is made in Denmark it has not gotten the recognition it deserves.

Scanpan provides durable non stick surfaces which are safe to use, have very even heat distribution for even cooking without any hot spots.

Scanpan will far surpass any other cookware and there are some very good products available to purchase. You will be very happy with your  cooking results and the longevity of the products.

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